Home Health Services in San Luis Obispo County

Although no one wants to think about being homebound and isolated while recovering from injury or sickness, many would still prefer to recover at home over moving to a facility. Not all individuals are equally amenable to leaving home to become the resident of a rehabilitation or nursing center. Many residents of San Luis Obispo County would rather recover at home no matter the cost. Often, this isn’t possible because it doesn’t have a support group of friends and family willing to help in their healthcare support. Because of this, many residents welcome the services offered to the residents by Wilshire Health & Community Services. They include a comprehensive range of premium in-home medical services such as these listed below.

Disease Management

While people now live longer than previous generations, many more people are living longer but concurrent diseases. Examples of these illnesses include heart failure, COPD, diabetes, cancer, CHF, HIV, and AIDS. The Wilshire Health & Community Services’ compassionate and professional clinical team treats and supports patients suffering from these serious conditions. 

Skin and Wound Management

Many people, including the young, the old, and individuals with compromised immune systems are vulnerable to a variety of serious skin issues. Some skin conditions have no cure but require management. People with issues like reoccurring wounds, surgical wounds, injury, shingles, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin and wound issues must remain vigilant to keep their skin conditions from worsening.

Medication Management

Patients recovering from or managing an illness, especially in the older adult population, require careful medication management. Wilshire Health & Community Services has a dedicated team of nurses that assist patients with new and changed medications in conjunction with the rest of their treatment. These individuals not only provide meticulous medication tracking but also monitoring for interactions. This is to identify and prevent negative reactions to prescribed medications. 

Diabetes Management

For the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and goal-oriented healthcare outcomes for those suffering from both type I and II diabetes. The largest indicative factor of how diabetes affects a patient is their lifestyle choices. Wilshire’s clinical team compassionately assist and support patients struggling with diabetes in the collection and application of important tools and information to assist them in their medication, daily dieting and exercise routines.

Pain Management

For patients receiving medications for pain management, whether they are recovering from illness, surgery or injury, or it’s part of a long-term palliative or disease management plan, Wilshire’s clinical team works together to create a treatment and pain management plan for increased quality of life. Nurses assist patients in knowing how, why and when to take their most important medications while monitoring their symptoms carefully to predict preventable events from occurring such as pain spikes and rebound pain.

Physical Therapy

Wilshire’s experienced and qualified physical therapists provide a dedicated and focused recovery approach for those recovering from surgery or other medical trauma. Most patients must relearn various basic functions following a traumatic injury. Depending upon the individual’s age and general state of health, physical therapy is a challenging undertaking. Perceptions of discomfort diminish when the therapy takes place at home.

Wilshire Health & Community Services offers in-home patients a comprehensive roster of services. At the foundation of their treatment philosophy is the belief that all services are more effective individually and collectively when they coexist under the umbrella of this care approach to medicine. 

Medical Social Workers

Wilshire commits to addressing all aspects of a person’s health needs. Medical social workers dedicate themselves to helping patients resolve social and emotional life obstacles and connecting patients with internal and external resources to navigate the aging and healing process.

Speech Therapy

The ability to communicate is essential to functional recovery. Speech function affects the life quality of life and self-image.

Many individuals require speech therapy to help them recover from serious health traumas such as heart attacks, strokes, and head trauma resulting from accidents. Wilshire Health & Community Services has professional speech therapists to assist patients in their recovery.  

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on restoring a patient’s functional life skills as they relate to all areas of a patient’s life. Wilshire’s occupational therapists empower patients to recover critical everyday skills, those that relate to their vocation and their personal lives.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a term that refers to an interdisciplinary focus of medical practitioners specifically focused on overall life quality and the comfort of patients suffering from painful and complex illnesses. The word palliative comes is about improving the life quality and overall comfort of patients suffering from painful and complex illnesses.

The World Health Organization defines palliative care as “An approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problems associated with the life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and others problems physical, psychosocial and spiritual.” It recognizes the human being’s multi-dimensional nature and seems to provide comfort to the entire person. 


Through its Telehealth service, Wilshire Health & Community Services offers patients the opportunity to receive the highest quality medical monitoring, health education and professional consultation possible through the comfort and convenience of the latest technology with video and digital messaging.

The care is administered via a tablet in between visits, so patients get quality in-person care, with the ease of knowing their healthcare professional is just a video conference call away. It is the view of those serving within the Home Health services industry that the only necessary care is that which is both warranted and edifying to an individual patient’s prognosis. 

Many individuals within the San Luis Obispo County area are grateful for the proximity of comprehensive and qualified health care services. It isn’t just the proximity that is comforting, however; it is the scientifically proven treatment model with compassion and expertise. Call and schedule a visit and experience the Wilshire Health difference for yourself.