Home Health Services in San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, CA is a great place to live, and not just because of the climate and abundant natural beauty in the area. Older adults and others who need support find that the local community cares for one another.

At Wilshire Health & Community Services, we put our patients and their families first with everything we do. Our approach to healthcare in the home allows us to focus on what matters the most, putting patient outcomes and quality care above all.

When you choose Wilshire for yourself or a loved one, you can be confident you are receiving the experienced and quality care. Read on to learn more about our home health services, or contact us now to talk about how we can help.

A Full Range of Home-Based Healthcare Services 

Your home is a place of comfort. That often makes it the best setting to receive care, especially for those grappling with prolonged recovery processes, impaired mobility, or other challenges. 

Our home-based healthcare services all aimed at helping our patients lead healthier, more rewarding lives. Between our home healthcare, telemedicine, and palliative service programs, San Luis Obispo residents have access to a full range of top-quality, home-based healthcare options provided by highly skilled professionals.

Home Healthcare That Always Puts the Patient First 

Whether recovering from an illness or injury or bouncing back from surgery, patients often benefit from the home-based care of home health services. Physicians prescribe this type of care to be administered at home so that you receive quality care in the comfort of your home while you recover from an illness, injury or surgery outside of a hospital environment.

For more than 20 years, Wilshire has been delivering care of the highest caliber with compassion and understanding in homes throughout San Luis Obispo. Some of the types of healthcare services that we most often provide in a residence or assisted living facility include: 

  • Nursing — Highly trained nurses help our patients with everything from wound and skincare to the administration of intravenous therapies. This care is coordinated with your physician, as our care team manages your illness and injury in your home, providing ease in the recovery process.
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy — Wilshire therapists help patients restore their bodies, communication abilities, and independent living skills. Whether it’s overcoming the lingering effects of a stroke or recovering from an injury, our therapists provided much-needed therapeutic measures and interventions with support and encouragement.
  • Disease and medication management — Many common, incurable diseases will worsen if not managed effectively. Many people in the area have trouble keeping up with their medications alone and risk suffering setbacks if they struggle with disease or medication management on their own. Our home healthcare specialists are always ready to help patients stay on top of their disease management and medication-related responsibilities.
  • Nutritional health — Sound nutrition ensures the body always has the resources it needs to recover and stay strong. Wilshire dietitians develop customized nutritional plans and that help our patients stay properly nourished according to their personal recovery needs.

Telemedicine Enables Better-Connected Healthcare 

Having a nurse, therapist, or dietitian provide care in your home is an optimal way to recover. In between visits, our telehealth services keep patients connected to physicians and other healthcare providers, no matter the distance between them.

A quick, easy visit will allow a Wilshire nurse or therapist to set up your home-based telehealth monitoring system. Telehealth allows for straightforward daily checkups that help patients: 

  • Avoid hospitalization — By allowing issues to be identified and addressed early on, telemedicine makes hospitalization or readmittance less likely.
  • Stay on track — Patients who use our telemedicine services are more likely to keep up with their disease-, medication-, and wound-management plans.
  • Keep healthcare providers informed — Telemedicine provides reliable, regular information that physicians, nurses, and therapists can use to improve care.
  • Remain independent — Using telemedicine can relieve patients from inconvenient appointments and allow them to enjoy life more on their own terms. 

Compassionate, Effective Palliative Services 

Pain, nausea, fatigue, and other unintended symptoms of treatment or disease often slow the process of recovery by their physical and emotional toll on the patient. Our patient-centered approach to providing healthcare in the home includes a deep respect for the power and value of effective palliative care

Unlike hospice care, which is reserved for patients with terminal conditions, our palliative services can be provided whenever they will be appropriate and beneficial. Improving our patients’ quality of life and prognosis through palliative care is an important part of our mission. 

A Devoted Member of the San Luis Obispo Community 

For more than two decades, we have been committed to improving the lives of people throughout San Luis Obispo. Our diverse home-based healthcare services combine to account for the full range of possible needs and situations. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one.